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Please contact your Account Manager if your booklet will be on a specialty stock.

Guide for designers:

Spine calculation and artwork setup

When designing a cover for a burst/perfect bound book you should consider the following:

  • Cover artwork to be supplied in spreads, all text pages to be supplied as single pages.
  • The width of the spine must be included in the cover spread (e.g. if the spine is 6mm and the booklet is an A4 portrait, the cover size would be 297x426mm).
  • The width of the spine will be determined by the stock thickness of both the cover and text. Utilise the form at the top of this page to calculate the spine thickness.
  • It is not advisable to have the text on the spine that is closer than 2mm to the outer edges of the spine.
  • As part of the spine will slightly wrap around to the front back cover it is best for the colour of the spine to be the same as either or both the front and back cover.
  • The inner cover spread will have a hinge/spine area in the middle of the spread. The width of the spine and the first 3mm of each hinge must be print free. The first 3mm of the hinge is the ‘glue trap’.
  • There must also be a 3mm glue trap area, which is print free on the first AND last page from the spine edge.
  • The glue trap on the inner cover and first/last pages must span the height of the booklet.

– If you choose to have an image/s or graphic elements/s that spread from either inner cover to the first/last page you will need to allow for the glue trap and hinge, in order for the image/s or graphic elements to line up.

– The width of the hinge is 7mm; this includes the 3mm glue trap.

– Once produced the hinge has 2mm of image under it to allow for movement.

To set up artwork with image/s or graphic elements where the line up is crucial. Bare in mind that with the multiple processes involved with these binding options there will be some movement and the line up will not be exact.

Inside Front Cover

Place a 0.25pt line in image where it needs to split

Set up a document including the spine and hinges either side of the spine

Each hinge is 7mm including the 3mm glue trap

If the finished size is 210mm wide then the image box should be 207mm (to allow for the 3mm glue trap) plus bleed at foredge, head and foot.

Place the image in the picture box, the line where the split is should be 5mm in from the edge of the spine (or 2mm from the edge of the glue trap).

First page of text

Create a new page 210mm wide and make an image box 207mm plus bleed on the foredge, head and foot.

The image box should start where the glue trap finishes

Place the right hand side of the image in the picture box. The line where the split is should be 5mm in from the edge of the spine (or 2mm from the edge of the glue trap).

You will always loose approximately 2mm of the image in the hinge area.