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Fast and effective at delivering targeted information direct to your customer.

IPG Marketing Solutions can provide SMS services to all of our customers, giving you even more ways to connect with your customers with targeted offers direct from your database.

We will investigate your business process and needs to architect the best solution. API integration available, as well as other integration options (FTP/SFTP file transfers, and custom-import scripts) that can be customised according to your business needs and current capabilities.

If you are not using this communication resource, you are probably missing out on a valuable marketing strategy.

SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook.

(Source: Mobile Xco)


90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes


SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate


...compared to 22% of emails


...and 12% of Facebook posts

(Source: Frost & Sullivan)

AWS Cloud Communications platform

SMS Data management, fully automated production and reporting systems, and seamless multichannel capabilities.

Programmable Communications

API for Messaging integration to your existing software.

Programmable SMS

API to exchange text messages. A powerful software platform to simplify your development and solve deliverability.

Clean Mobile Numbers

Phone numbers with mobile prefixes, validated as spam-free with a 120-day seven-point inspection.

Alphanumeric Sender ID

Use a custom company name as the sender ID instead of a phone number for your outbound messages.

Uptime Guarantee

99% Uptime Guarantee.

Deliverability Solved With Software

For successful delivery, a lot has to go right. It’s not just about access to carrier connections but also how your message is managed across those connections. This intelligent cloud software handles it all for you.


SMS pricing is based on the volume, destination and type of message you’re sending.

Volume Discounts

Monthly volume influences the rate at which your SMS is sent. Monthly fees and integration fees are calculated per project.