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Are you getting the most from your print marketing spend?

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IPG Print Marketing Appraisal

Appraisal catch up

A print marketing appraisal is a unique service offered by IPG Marketing to help you review spend on print marketing to help you identify redundant costs and maximise your marketing dollar across everything from:

  • general print (flyers, posters, brochures, forms)
  • marketing print (unaddressed & direct mail, point of sale material)
  • building signage (illuminated, acrylic, fence mesh, internal signage)
  • corporate stationery

What does a print marketing appraisal cost?

It’s Free!!

A print optimisation specialist will provide a no obligation analysis of your current print spend and provide valuable insights and potential solutions to refine your spend.

Because it is free, it just makes sense to take advantage of a real opportunity to improve! Without a solid industry knowledge, you could be paying too much for print or wasting time with manual processes which could easily be automated.

How does a print marketing appraisal work?

We discuss:

  • your current print activity
  • the frequency of use for various items
  • how you are ordering; and
  • what lead times you are receiving

We compare these elements with current market rates and provide you with recommendations on cost effective pricing and ordering processes.


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