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Domino's Local Store Facebook Advertising

We compiled a list of questions often asked by Domino’s Franchisees requiring Facebook Marketing for their store. Local Store Facebook Marketing is explained on this page in more details.

What is Facebook Ads?

To start your journey with Facebook ads, you need to understand the channel and who uses it, what is possible to do and how to get the word out cost effectively.

What is the difference between Facebook Ads & Facebook Posts?


A Facebook ad is a news feed advertisement that promotes your product with a photo and text, an offer or a video to promote to people in and outside of your business page network, based on targeting criteria. This ad will show up for people who has been targeted by our ad setup process, by either age, gender, location, interests or other factors such as store territory.


A Facebook post only shows up for people who are on your network, who liked or joined your page. When you boost a normal post, it has the ability to show up for more audiences as well, but your post cannot be shown on Instagram, has no call to action button and limited targeting.

Facebook ads are a more advanced way than boosted posts to advertise on Facebook and will require a Facebook ad manager account, which is already in place and managed by IPG for all franchisees.

Facebook ads offer the greatest number of options depending on the goal of your campaign. These options include getting page likes, clicks to the Domino’s website, Domino’s app installs & app engagement, website conversions (purchases), event responses, offer claims, video views & local awareness.

One of the benefits to running ads over boosted posts is the ability to add an optional call to action button promoting actions such as “Shop now”, “See menu”, “Download”, “Get directions”, “Contact us” and “Get Offer”.


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How do I get started?

Decide on the goal of your Facebook advertising before you get started.

Often what you sell is just as important a factor of the success of your campaign as to how far and wide it reached people. Is it a good value proposition? Can people order it immediately and have it delivered? The age of instant gratification is here and we need to cater to it.

Fill in the form on our booking page and make sure you include all the details of your offer so the ad will be set up correctly.

How long should an ad run for?

We always suggest doing at least a week long ad first, and get your area data built up in Facebook that way. The first day is usually spent by Facebook determining who to serve your ads to. Then it starts to build momentum and better reach.

The volume of people in your territory using Facebook daily may impact delivery of your ad, as well as the ad blocker option on their app, the interest they subscribe to and other ads by other retailers run at the same time. You want to give your ad a bit of room to move. Do not limit it to a lunch session only. If you want to target lunches, do it for a week, not just one day for a few hours. There is not enough time to reach optimal numbers.

How is ad tracking done?

Facebook supplies a pixel (code) and the Domino’s website is equipped with this code that makes a connection between the ad and the user making a purchase on the Domino’s website. This code enables us to track the ad traffic, it supplies information about the visitors actions, whether the sale completed and how much was spend on the purchase to name just a few.

How much text on the image is allowed?

What does it mean when I have too much image text?
Text in your advert image includes text laid over a photo or illustration, text-based logos or watermarks used in an advert image. It also includes text in thumbnail images that are used for videos, as well as images used as cover photos or Profile photos of promoted Pages.

How much text should my advert image have?
Facebook prefers advert images with little or no text, because images with a lot of text may create a lower-quality experience for people on Facebook.

What should I do to reduce the amount of text?
Consider putting all/most of your text in the text area of your advert instead of in the advert image. If you must use text, use a smaller font size and fewer words to lower the text-to-image ratio.

How does Facebook charge for advertising?

After creating an ad, we set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad will receive. Depending on what the goal setup was for your campaign, Domino’s can be charged per 1,000 impressions, counting every time your ad appears on your audience’s screen. The other options are link clicks(CPC), costs on average about $0.27 per click.

How much did I get back from this advertising medium?

Reporting on ad completion is included in our Premium ($150 + GST) Facebook Ad setups. We assist stores that chooses regular ($75 + GST) Facebook Ads with some basic numbers to check the response on request.

The voucher code used for the Facebook campaign should always be unique. On completion of the campaign, one of the measures is checking redemptions on the code.

There are a couple of scenarios where voucher code redemptions are less accurate reporters of the Facebook Ad performance.

Some people may choose to use the voucher, and others may leave it out. This is not a bulletproof way of measurement for Regular offer ads. With Premium ads, the voucher code gets inserted with the click of the button on the landing page, which makes for more accurate measurement. Redemption may be much higher on Premium Facebook Ads. When a visitor chooses to shop at another store, the voucher code for this ad will not work for that store, but the purchase value is recorded against this ad.

Another important factor is the number of people reached, especially for the store’s territory. This may include benefits such as being more visible than the competition, brand awareness, web site visits, engagement and more directly taking up the offer presented.


Please email print@dominos.com.au for more details.

*Please note all pricing is in Australian Dollar only. Facebook results cannot be guaranteed. The terms and conditions of using Facebook marketing can be found on their website. https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

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